Saraiki Area Study Centre, BZU - Multan
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Vice Chancellor's message

Thank you for choosing the Bahauddin Zakariya University for your academic pursuits. It is one of th...
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Director's message

SARAIK AREA STUDY  CENTER (SASC) Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.   Preamble:   Sarai...

conduct and promote research

History, culture, literature, languages and fine arts of Sariaki region

collect and preserve

Published and unpublished material of all types about relevant subjects in any language and in any form

conduct studies and seminars

About anthropological, socio-cultural, political and economic aspects and issues of past and present of Saraiki region


Saraiki culture, language, literature, fine arts and people on national and international forums.

Interpret and promote

Arts and crafts of this region

collect, preserve and display

Musical traditions and instruments of the region

collect, record and preserve

Oral literature and historic traditions of the region

Publish a regular research journal and books

Anthropology of this region and Indus valley. Social history and contemporary social situation of the region..